De-stress at Ohrstrom!

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and we’re having a great time exploring stress relief techniques and activities in the library. Below is a look at some of what we have in Ohrstrom to support you as you try to deal with stress in healthy ways:

  • Books! Did you know that books themselves provide stress relief? If you’re worn out from academics, try an easy novel like a romcom or mystery. If that still feels like it demands too much attention, try a graphic novel! Even just taking ten minutes to read a children’s picture book will lower your stress.
  • LPs and a record player! You can check out records as well as a portable record player. Of course you can access the music you want on your own devices, but there’s something about slowing down and putting a record on that really decreases feelings of stress.
  • Tea! Our tea station has received an upgrade! Come make a cup of tea, browse books about mindfulness, and grab some thinking putty to take home with you.
  • Relaxation tools! Come to the desk to borrow a massage roller, stretch bands, an automated shoulder massager, and more.
  • Reference support! Stressed about a research project? Don’t worry alone; just check in with the librarians and we’ll help you!
  • Arts and crafts! If you haven’t already visited our Mobile Makerspace, come by to browse our materials and make something. There’s materials for stamping, felting, basic printmaking, cardmaking, and more.
  • Birding kit! Did you know you can check out binoculars and a book to identify NH birds? Stop by Ohrstrom to grab this kit, then take a stroll around the pond and look for birds.
  • Board games! There’s a shelf in the Baker Reading Room filled with games, and they are there for you to play! We have Catan, Ticket to Ride, One Night Werewolf, and more, and we’re always open to suggestions.
  • Puzzles! Sometimes we have a puzzle out on a table in the lobby, but if you ever want to do one that’s not out, just ask! We have an entire collection of them, and we’re happy to share.

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