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    New Database: CQ Global Researcher

    Love CQ Researcher for its direct, pithy yet thorough, presentation of current U.S. issues? Ohrstrom Library recently began subscribing to CQ Global Researcher. Like its long-respected counterpoint (80 years!), CQ Global provides in-depth, balanced reporting.  The Global product presents reports on a wide variety of  international issues. Recent reports include: Future of the Gulf States Rising Food Prices Gendercide Crisis Weapons in Space Communism Today Organ Trafficking This database can be search singularly or simultaneously with CQ Researcher. Please feel free to contact Ms. Sanborn (lsanborn at sps dot edu) with any questions about or to arrange for a personal tour of this product.

  • Databases,  Research,  Web Resources

    Reading up on Current Events: Spotlight on CQ Researcher

    Lura Sanborn – Reference Librarian Interested in spending some of your time during the break to catch up on current events?  This news database accessible through the Ohrstrom Library website is a valuable source of information about current events. CQ Researcher – Use this database to read reports covering the hottest social issues in the U.S.  Considered an unbiased source of reporting, these topical essays provide overviews, time-lines, in-depth news and often, expert pro/con opinions.  Recent topics include: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint, Declining Birthrate and Financial Bailout.  You can access CQ Researcher HERE (remember to log in to the VPN first if you are off grounds). Tip:  After selecting a…