A one horse open sleigh!

By - Systems Librarian December 15th, 2016

A one horse open sleigh! This photo from 1890 was taken by a St. Paul's School student using a Kodak No. 2 camera, and was labeled "An old farmer". #ohrstromlibrary #ohrstromlibrarydigitalarchives #sleigh #onehorseopensleigh #1890 #kodakno2 #stpaulsschool #snow #horse #horsedrawnsleigh #concordnh #throwbackthursday #iamsps


A throwback Thursday photo to wish all our community members safe travels over the holidays!

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November 30, 1882

By - Systems Librarian April 22nd, 2013

Horse chestnut:

We understand that the turf horse, which was purchased with such great difficulty last spring, has been sold for some forty-five dollars.  We are sure it will be missed, for it had become such a familiar sight that the lower grounds can hardly look natural without him.