Ohrstrom Library on Blackboard

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Lisa Laughy – Archives Assistant

Thanks to ITG’s Gail Hersey Ohrstrom Library is now an official “course” on the SPS Blackboard utility.  All students, faculty and staff have been enrolled, providing the library with a way to connect with the larger SPS community through Blackboard.  If you are a regular user of Blackboard you can make a quick connection to the library website and blog by clicking on “Ohrstrom Library” in your course list on your home page.  An animated feed ticker lists the most recent Ohrstrom Blog posts, and clicking on the feed box open the blog inside the existing Blackboard window.  A list of quick links gives you access to the library website, the library catalog, and links to the online subscription databases – all without leaving Blackboard.  Next time you log into your Blackboard account, click on your Ohrstrom Library course and see how it looks.

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