New Reference Book: Chronology of American History

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Chronology of American History by John C. Fredriksen, Facts on File, 2008.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 973 F87C

A lengthy, four-volume, chronology spanning American History 1400s-2007.  Some events are given a brief mention (1-2 sentences) while others are discussed in more detail (2-3 paragraphs).

Find a place in time and read about:

  • Hannah Dustin
  • Business, Religion
  • Military and Slavery issues in 1703
  • Music in 1946 (one of the year’s most popular tunes was “Ole Buttermilk Sky”)
  • The Cold War

Scan political and business highlights from 2004 and find:

  • Democrats nominate John Kerry SPS ’62 for President
  • U.S. Supreme Court upholds Pennsylvania’s 2002 redistricting plan
  • Dow Jones closes the year at 10,783.01

Helpful for: Humanities IV, Humanities IV Research Paper, American History, Topic Finding

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