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    Research #LikeABoss

    Way to research Hum. 4!   During the month of the Hum. 4 research paper, April, you collectively:   Retrieved 546 reference articles from the Gale digital reference library. Visited  the library’s Ebsco products 625 times (screen grab below). Made 210 visits to the library’s Kanopy educational film database, watching 1,502 minutes of footage. And viewed the Hum. 4 research guide – 3,334 times!     EbscoAdmin Page – April 2016 Session Usage Report. EbscoHost. Web. 03 May 2016.

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    Hum. 4 Paper!

    It begins!   Happy Picard. Meme Generator.  Imgflip.com  Web. 10 March 2016.   As always, there’s a research guide for that!  The Hum. 4 Research Guide identifies library sources for finding a topic, getting background information, locating books, magazines, newsreels and even documentaries.   Hum. 4 research questions?  Do be in touch!  Ms. Sanborn        

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    Dear American Government class,

    Working on examples of partisan polarization in U.S. politics? In addition to the sources recommended last run of the class, the library has added a new eCollection: U.S. History in Context.   For example, here’s a search for “Political Polarization.”  One could of course also search for specific polarizing issues (income inequality), proposed solutions (compulsory voting) or related element (supermajority).   Need more statistics?  The library recently added Statistical Abstract of the United States to its fleet of digital collections.  Here’s their results page for U.S. election statistics.   Questions? Comments or conundrums? Do be in touch!  Ms. Sanborn     “Political Polarization results page.” U.S. History in Context. Gale Cengage. Web.…