Research Process – The Fifth Form Paper

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Below are a few tips offered to those of you approaching the Humanities V research paper. Consider consulting the Humanities V Research Guide for a more detailed list of research sources including: reference books, magazines, databases, journal articles, and the free web.

Recommended Research Process

  1. Explore your topic in reference books for a helpful, instant grounding in the topic.
  2. As you locate useful material, cite it.  Consider using Noodlebib as your citation management tool.
  3. Take note of special keywords that are specific to your topic.   Use these keywords when searching the material described below.
  4. Use keyword and subject searches in Ohrstrom’s online catalog to locate books on your topic.
  5. Use  JSTOR and ProQuest to find contemporary periodical articles on your topic.
  6. Use the Times [of London] and the U.S. Historical Newspaper databases to search for primary source newspaper coverage on your topic.
  7. Use American History in Video to search for U.S. newsreels on your topic.
  8. Note: Research rarely goes exactly as planned.  You may find you need to veer from, re-sort or revisit the steps listed here.

Most importantly: Please feel free to ask a Librarian for help at any step along the way.

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