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    Email! Yaaaaassss!

    Following a research class Wednesday, a teacher asked if any Hum. V students had emailed me yet. My inbox reveals 33 research emails from Hum. V students this past week (can’t wait for the next two weeks!).   Curious how that compares to the rest of the year?  Since September, 137 research queries have arrived in my inbox mostly from SPS students, a few from SPS faculty, 2 from SPS alums and 1 from a student at Andover.  🙂   Looking forward to your end-of-year research questions over the upcoming concluding weeks of school.  I heart your research!  Ms. Sanborn  

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    Dear Hum. V,

    Great to see you this week!   I loved your mind-mapping of the ‘Scholarly Conversation.’   When you’re ready to leap into the academic literature, here’s the page in the research guide (screenshot below) listing four databases providing just that.   As always, please be in touch with any research-y queries!  I love hearing from you. 🙂    

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    Capstone launches!   Looking for a topic? Need 3 possibilities before the end of the week?   Perhaps: Global Issues in Context What is it?  This eCollection contains global perspectives on contemporary global topics. Each topic is accompanied by a collection of academic sources. Sources include: reference book articles, newspapers, broadcast news, radio news, magazines, newspapers and scholarly journals.   Prefer to be inspired by academic film? How about a browse through Kanopy : 26,000 streaming documentary, educational and classic films.   Looking for more suggestions?  Try this page in the research guide for more ideas that could lead to topic inspiration.  

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    Dear Hum. V,

    Researching an individual key to the Conference on the Atomic Bomb?  Looking for their historical perspective and persuasion regarding use of the Atomic Bomb?   Here is the Atomic Bomb Conference research guide, which aims to provide and suggest sources useful to researching the historical individuals involved in this decision.   Research questions?  Please be in touch!   From the Newspaper and Newsreel page of the guide:  

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    Humanities V – Library eCollection Usage

    During the month of May, the month of the Humanities V Capstone Project:   You  Searched:   Global Issues  in Context – 761 times Digital Reference Library – 1,020 times Proquest periodical database – 718 times And viewed the Hum. 5 Capstone Research Guide – 1,632 times Well Done!