Locating a Contemporary Topic

Starting the Hum. V paper & looking for a Topic?  The sources below may lead you to an inspiring focus.

Credo Topic Pages – What is it? Credo Reference provides SPS with 600 digitized reference books.  The Topic Page feature includes background information from these reference books on topics that have spent some time in the public eye (Liberal Democrats, social welfare, water power).  In addition to background information from reference books, Credo will present information from other library sources, all within the same Topic Page.


CQ Researcher & CQ Global – Browse Reports by Topic – What is it?  This collection contains multi-page reports, written by journalists that have been hired by CQ.  Since 1923 these reports have been respected sources of unbiased information focused on a specific issues of public concern including: economics, politics, technology, health and the environment.

Contemporary newspapers can be a great source to locate a current topic.  In particular, Newsbank offers a selection of Special Reports  These reports identify current news topics across a variety of disciplines, each accompanied by a handful of news articles.


Individual Reference Sets – the Index Browsing the index of a Reference set with a subject of your interest (science, religion, literature), can often lead to finding and/or narrowing of a topic.

Articles within a Reference Book often begin with a broad topic (i.e. France) and then focus in on a narrower aspect of that topic (i.e. France – agricultural developments in the Middle Ages).  Browsing the index of a Reference Book will often reveal the interconnectedness of multiple topics.

Encyclopedia of Bioethics – Index – The library has purchased the digitized version of many classic printed Reference sets, including this popular title. Browsing the index may provide inspiration for a topic.  Click on the index entry to be taken to the full Reference article.  Similarly, you might be interested in browsing the index to the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences or the Encyclopedia of Sociology or perhaps the Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy.


Looking for Print? Reference Books in Print – A selection of titles from the Library’s larger collection.

Encyclopedia of Philosophy  REF 103 B64

Encyclopedia of Bioethics      REF 172.4 B52

Encyclopedia of Religion   REF 203 EL4

Encyclopedia of Women and World Religion   REF 203 Y8

Encyclopedia of Sociology      REF 301 B64

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences REF 303 In8

Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice REF 303.48 An2

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Children’s Issues Worldwide   REF 305.2303

History Behind the Headlines: The Origins of Conflict Worldwide   REF 303.6 H62

Violence in America   REF 303.6 G71

Encyclopedia of Race & Racism   REF 305.8 M78

Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History in America    REF 306.76 St36

Encyclopedia of Human Rights   REF 323 Ox2H

Encyclopedia of Environment and Society REF 363.7 R53

Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change REF 363.7 P53

Critical Food Issues    REF 363.8 P56C

New Dictionary of the History of Ideas   REF 903 H78

Conflicts in American History   REF 973 F11C


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