Dear Latin 2,

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Great to see you this morning!

As you recall, highly recommended for this project is Suetonius’s The Caesars for chapter-length treatment on your chosen Caesar.

The library owns several translations in print and online.  The print versions are at the library, in the Jacq Room (main floor, right-hand hallway, all the way back) call number 871 Su.

ebrary, one of the library’s eBook collections, contains the Hurley translation.

The library’s Ebsco Academic eBook Collection collection contains the Thomson translation  as well as the Edwards translation.

Questions?  Research conundrums? Please be in touch!  Ms. Sanborn

P.S. Both of these ebook collections has a magic ‘cite’ button (I’m sure you remember).

Suetonius, and Catharine Edwards. Lives Of The Caesars. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. eBook Academic Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 5 Dec. 2014. .



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