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    Dear Latin 2,

    Great to see you! Creating a resume for your selected Caesar? The Latin II research guide suggests library eCollections that support biographical Caesar research, including: Biography in Context, Gale Virtual Reference Library and of course, the Suetonius eBook, “The Twelve Caesars.” Questions or thoughts about your Caesar research?  Be in touch!    

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    Dear Latin 2,

    Great to see you this morning! As you recall, highly recommended for this project is Suetonius’s The Caesars for chapter-length treatment on your chosen Caesar. The library owns several translations in print and online.  The print versions are at the library, in the Jacq Room (main floor, right-hand hallway, all the way back) call number 871 Su. ebrary, one of the library’s eBook collections, contains the Hurley translation. The library’s Ebsco Academic eBook Collection collection contains the Thomson translation  as well as the Edwards translation. Questions?  Research conundrums? Please be in touch!  Ms. Sanborn P.S. Both of these ebook collections has a magic ‘cite’ button (I’m sure you remember).    

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    Dear Latin II,

    You probably recall, from our class before the break, that a research guide exists for your Caesar’s Resume project. As you complete your project in the upcoming weeks, the guide is there to help identify biographical information from a variety of digital library sources. Best of luck in your research & do be in touch if I can be of any help!  Ms. Sanborn    

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    New Research Guides: Latin 2 and Latin Review

    Now on the Library site is a new research guide in support of the Latin 2, Caesar’s Resume Project. Also new on the Library site is an updated research guide in support of the Latin Review, Ancient Mythology in Art Project. Spotlight on:  The ARTstor and Oxford Art tab within this last guide.  This tab details the steps to collect images from ARTstor and swiftly import them, direct from the ARTstor database, into Powerpoint.  ARTstor has an excellent video tutorial of this process.  

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    New Reference Book: Encyclopedia of Ancient Literature

    Lura Sanborn – Reference Librarian Encyclopedia of Ancient Literature by James Wyatt Cook, Facts on File, 2008. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 820.9 C77A This volume focuses on the standard ancient texts and their authors from ancient Greece, Rome, China, Japan, South America and India. Examples include: Mahabharata, Lady Kasa, Gilgamesh, and Augustus Caesar. For the incoming IIIrd Form:  Take a look at this text for some background information on Homer and The Odyssey. Helpful for: Humanities III, Literature, Summer Reading Assignment