New Free eCollection: Public Radio and TV

The Library of Congress and WGBH (Boston) have launched their American Archive of Public Broadcasting site.


What is it?

From the About page: “The Library of Congress and WGBH in Boston have embarked on a project to preserve for posterity the most significant public television and radio programs of the past 60 years: The American Archive of Public Broadcasting.”


What is IN it?

Currently, about 72,000 digitized public radio and public television broadcasts.

From their Searching the AAPB Website page: “The AAPB website consists of nearly 2.5 million metadata records, 72,000 of which describe video and audio content that has been digitized by the AAPB.”


Can I get just the digitized content?  And just the radio broadcasts?


After conducting a search, the limiter on the left will allow for filtering including source type and digital availability.



American Archive of Public Broadcasting. Search page: Alaska. Web. 9 Apr. 2015. <>.


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