Archives Access and Usage Policy

The following policies cover the access to and use of materials from the St. Paul’s School Archives. Any questions about these policies can be directed to the School Archivist, Deanna Parsi, at (603) 229-4864 or via email at

St. Paul’s School Archives Mission Statement

jenningsThe St. Paul’s School Archives was established to ensure the retention and preservation of School records, documents, publications, photographs and memorabilia relating to School history. It is the mission of the Archives to appraise, collect, organize, describe, preserve and make available such historical materials to members of the School community and other interested researchers.

Archival materials provide knowledge of the School’s heritage and promote an appreciation of the dedication and work of those who helped foster traditions which continue to play an important role in the life of the School today. The Archives serve as a critical resource for students and faculty interested in both teaching and learning about School history. Various School offices and departments may also discover that using materials in the archives can be helpful with some of their projects and operations. The Archives offer an important avenue for keeping alive the spirit and traditions of St. Paul’s School.

The SPS Archives is located on the lower level of Ohrstrom Library. Use of the Archives is by permission only which can be obtained from the Archivist, Deanna Parsi.


Research Requests

Researchers from outside of St. Paul’s School are requested to send their inquiry via email to the Archivist at, stating the nature of and reason for their request in detail. Depending on the volume of requests and the availability of staff time, we may need four to six weeks to respond. The amount of time available for any one request may be limited at the discretion of the Archivist, and any expenses related to reproduction or staff research time may be charged to the researcher.

Use of the Archives is by appointment only. Researchers must contact the Archivist for an appointment prior to visiting the Archives in person.

  • Please direct Archives research requests to the Archivist stating the purpose of the research and types of materials to be consulted.
  • Researchers are responsible for the safeguarding of any archival materials made available to them. Archival materials may not be written on or handled in any way likely to damage them. When taking notes, use pencil only.
  • No one may enter the Archives except as authorized. The Archivist will oversee use of the materials in a designated area. No documents or materials may be removed from the Archives without permission of the Archivist.
  • The use of some archival materials may be restricted by law, by the donor, or by St. Paul’s School. Such materials may not be available to researchers. Restricted materials are made available for use only in accordance with whatever conditions have been placed on them. Use of materials which are not arranged or are being arranged, records of exceptional value, and fragile documents may also be restricted.
  • Permission to photocopy or scan archival materials must be obtained from the Archivist. Requests to photocopy or scan materials will be considered when this can be done without injury to the documents or photographs. Researchers assume full responsibility for conforming to laws regarding copyright which may be involved in the use and reproduction of archival materials.
  • Permission to copy or scan archival material does not constitute permission to publish. No archival materials may be published without prior authorization of St. Paul’s School. In giving permission to publish archival materials, St. Paul’s School does not surrender its own right thereafter to publish such materials or to grant permission to others to publish them, nor does St. Paul’s School assume any responsibility for infringement of copyright or of publication rights by those who have been granted permission to examine archival materials.

For more information see the OLDA Copyright Information page HERE.