Copyright Information

It can be challenging, and sometimes impossible, to determine the copyright status of a photograph long part of an archive collection such as the one at St. Paul’s School.  Every effort has been made to assign the proper copyright status to the images represented in the Ohrstrom Library Digital Archive.  Anyone with additional information regarding copyright of the images included in OLDA is encouraged to contact the St. Paul’s School Archives using the comment form below.

Fair Use:

OLDA images may be printed or downloaded by individuals, schools or libraries for personal use, study, research or classroom teaching without permission. Please read this concise definition of fair use from the U.S. Copyright Office before downloading or printing an image from the OLDA website to determine if your intended use is acceptable under U.S. copyright law.

Archive images are assigned to one of these four copyright categories:

  • © SPS: The rights of images assigned this copyright status are © St. Paul’s School: Courtesy of Ohrstrom Library. All rights are reserved. These images are for reference use only.  Commercial use or publication is strictly prohibited without written permission from St. Paul’s School. Permission is required for, but not limited to, these format examples: electronic or paper publishing, websites, film, DVD, CD, video, exhibits, interior design, product presentation or advertising.
  • Public Domain: The rights of images assigned this copyright status have expired and are no longer held by any individual or institution.
  • Used with permission: The rights of images assigned this copyright status are held by persons or institutions other than St. Paul’s School and are used on this website with prior consent from the copyright holder.  All rights are reserved by the original copyright holder, and St. Paul’s School cannot grant permission to reproduce these images for any use.
  • Other: The rights of images assigned this copyright status do not fall under the previous three types.  This may be because the status for the item is unknown or indeterminable, or that the rights do not fall under U.S. copyright law.  St. Paul’s School cannot grant permission for the reproduction of these images without further clarification of the copyright status.

St. Paul’s School reserves the right to refuse an application for permission if it is apparent that the proposed use would violate copyright law or compromise the authenticity of the material as an historical document. Applicants assume full responsibility for questions of potential copyright violation in their use of OLDA’s digital images.