New Research Guide: Anatomy & Physiology

By - Research & Instruction Librarian February 14th, 2013

Now on the Ohrstrom Library site is a new research guide in support of the Anatomy & Physiology, Congenital Heart Defect Project.

Spotlight on:  The Academic/Scholarly Journals tab within this guide.  This tab details the steps to collecting scholarly journal articles from Library-purchased databases of digitized journals.  Consider these databases when fulfilling the three journal article requirement for successful completion of the project.


Research guides gather together the most pertinent library resources for a specific project, from the larger (and ever-expanding) universe of Library sources/collections.

Please feel free to contact Ms. Sanborn (lsanborn at sps dot edu) for a research consultation and/or to discuss any of the items in this guide.

New Reference Book: The Book of Fungi

By - Research & Instruction Librarian May 15th, 2012

The Book of Fungi: A Life-Size Guide to Six Hundred Species from Around the World by Peter Roberts and Shelley Evans, University of Chicago Press, 2011.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 579.5 R54b

600 fungi are pictured and given a full page of treatment.  Includes family, distribution and spore color among other fungi facts.


  • Copper Spike
  • The Deceiver
  • Hairy Hexagon
  • Lea’s Orange Bonnet
  • Rhubarb Bolete

Helpful for: Ecology, Biology, Eco-Action, Botany

New Reference Books: A Dictionary of Biology, A Dictionary of Earth Sciences

By - Research & Instruction Librarian April 6th, 2010

Two new updates by famed reference publisher, Oxford University Press are now available in Ohrstrom:

A Dictionary of Biology edited by Robert S. Hine, Oxford, 2008.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 574 Ox2M

A Dictionary of Biology, now in its 6th edition is, in fact, a straight-forward dictionary of biology.  Flip through the alphabetical listings to find brief definitions of:
•    Abductor
•    Corolla
•    Factor VIII
•    Palaeozoic

A Dictionary of Earth Sciences edited by Michael Allaby, Oxford, 2008.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 550 AL5D

A Dictionary of Earth Science, now in its 3rd edition is also a straight-forward dictionary, this time about earth sciences.  Flip through the alphabetical listings to find brief definitions of:
•    Accumulation zone
•    Goldschmidt’s rules
•    Moisture budget
•    Tidal current

Helpful for
:  Biology, Ecology, Eco-Action, Human Anatomy