New Research Guide: Humanities V

A new Humanities V research guide is available for those writing the Humanities V research paper.  Use this guide to identify useful reference sources, recommended library catalog searches, newspaper, magazine and journal articles, as well as online primary source collections.  … Continued

Noodlebib Tutorial: Two YouTube Shorts

Finishing up end-of-term papers?  Prepping for Spring Term research? Consider using Noodlebib to craft and store citations.  The two short films below identify, first, how to create a Noodlebib account, and secondly, how to use Noodlebib to create MLA style … Continued

So Cited: Parentheticals

As the Humanities V research paper draws to a close, proofreading is in the air. Consider using Noodlebib as a helpful guide when double-checking those parenthetical citations. How?: When logged in to your Noodlebib account, click on your Humanities V … Continued