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    Dear Physics V,

    Looking for scientific articles about contemporary alternative energy sources?   The Physics V: Clean Energy research guide contains just that!  New this year is the Science in Context database & updated interface from the journal Science.    

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    Salem Science

    The library recently purchased the digital version of Salem Press’s Encyclopedia of Energy.     This set contains over 500+ background articles on energy and energy related topics, including: Acid Rain Carbon Footprint and Neutrality Electric Vehicles Heat Pumps Netherlands   Off the grounds?  Simply login to http://vpn.sps.edu with your SPS credentials to access the entire digital library.    

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    Dear Physics V,

    Great to see you today!   As you remember, this is your research guide describing and discussing the library’s eCollections of scholarly physics sources.  All of the eCollections contain limiters so one can easily extract the most contemporary physics research.   Any research questions?  Please be in touch!  🙂  Ms. Sanborn  

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    Top 4 Research Guides of the Year!

      Representing the Sciences, coming in at number 4, The Physics V research guide with 541 views this year. Coming in at number 3, The Encounters Research Guide with 732 views this year. Coming in at number 2, The Humanities V Research Guide with 3,429 views this year. And coming in at number 1, The Humanities IV Research Guide with 4,375 views this year. Way to research, Big Red!   Photo by Tim Geers