• History,  Humanities,  Social Sciences

    New Reference Book: Encyclopedia of Human Rights

    Encyclopedia of Human Rights edited by David P. Forsythe, Oxford, 2009. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 323 Ox2h This five volume set presents articles related to the ideas, progress, people, politics and policies related to, created for and influencing human rights. Examples: Simone de Beauvoir, Convention on the Rights of a Child, Peacebuilding, Sisterhood is Global, Universality Helpful for:  Global Studies, Humanities, Humanities V Research Paper, Social Justice Club, Model U.N., Literature of Witness

  • History,  Humanities,  Natural Sciences,  Research,  Social Sciences

    New Reference Book: Agriculture in History

    Agriculture in History edited by R. Kent Rasmussen, Salem, 2010. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 630.9 R18A A three-volume set presenting articles related to food production.  Close to 200 chronologically arranged articles beginning with the 10th millennium BCE and ending with 2002 CE.  Articles are global in scope. Examples: 1471-1493: Inca Empire Expands and Strengthens Its Economic System; 17th Century Pepper Trade Drives the Global Economy; 1894-1895: Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Launch Dry Cereal Industry; October 1990, Africanized Bees Threaten U.S. Agriculture Helpful for:  Eco-Action, Sustenance & Society, Global Studies, Humanities, Humanities V Research Paper, Humanities IV Research Paper, Social Justice Club.

  • History,  Social Sciences

    New Reference Book: Violence Against Women in Families and Relationships

    Violence Against Women in Families and Relationships, edited by Evan Stark and Eve S. Buzawa, ABC-Clio; Praeger, 2009. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 305.4 P88V A 4-volume set with a theme to each volume: V. 1 – Victimization and Community Response V. 2 – The Family Context V. 3 – Criminal Justice and the Law V. 4 – The Media and Cultural Attitudes Individual chapter examples include: The Evolution of the Shelter Movement, Batterers and the Lives of Their Children, Evolution of Police Response to Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence in American Magazines Helpful for: Women’s Studies, Global Studies, Humanities, History, Daughters of Eve, Social Justice Club