New Reference Book: Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice

By - Systems Librarian November 4th, 2008

Deb Baker – Interim Reference Librarian

Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice edited by Gary L. Anderson and Kathryn G. Herr, Sage Publications, 2007.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: Ref. 303.48 An2 v.1; Ref. 303.48 An2 v.2; Ref. 303.48 An2 v.3.

Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justicec

Each volume of this set includes a list of the 960 entries and a “Reader’s Guide,” which groups related articles under broad subject headings. For example, under “Environmentalism,” the guide lists 40 pertinent entries scattered across all three volumes. The third volume contains an extensive index.

HELPFUL FOR: Literature of Witness, Terrestrial Ecology, Religion and Ethics, Leadership for Social Justice, Biomedical Ethics, Community Outreach

FUN FOR: Eco-Action members, protest song writers, activist poets

New Reference Book: The African American Almanac

By - Systems Librarian August 26th, 2008

Deb Baker – Interim Reference Librarian

The African American Almanac, 10th edition edited by Brigham Narins, Gale Cengage, 2007.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: Ref. 305.896 AF82 2008

African American Almanac

A comprehensive guide to the role of African Americans in culture, society, and history, this updated edition includes over 1,000 biographies; articles on dozens of topics in the humanities, arts, and sciences; a chronology; lists of African American firsts and awards in a variety of fields; landmarks by state; and “Significant Documents in African American History.” Numerous maps, tables, photos, and illustrations and a ten page bibliography enrich the text.

HELPFUL FOR: African American Literature: Revolution or Reconciliation, American Cultural Studies, Advanced Studies: in American History, Leadership for Social Justice, World War II Seminar

FUN FOR: history buffs, game show lifelines, Jeopardy contestants, travelers