The Primary Source Hunt: OAIster

Are you too looking for primary sources? Most Humanities V teachers are requiring at least two for completion of a successful research paper.  If you’ve looked in all the usual places (such as those listed here in our primary source round-up), yet still aren’t finding quite what you want, consider OAIster.

What is it? OAIster is an online catalog of digitized sources.  It is made available by OCLC, a company that provides many library-related services.

It might help to compare this to Ohrstrom Library’s catalog.  The Ohrstrom Library catalog searches through the records of our 70,000 print titles.  OAIster searches through the records of 23 Million digitized sources from over 1,000 contributors.

What might you find?

Is it hard to use? The search function is very straightforward, offering a basic search or advanced search.  As always, if you would like a little help using this resource please be in touch!

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