eBooks in Project Muse Beta Site

We already love Project Muse for recent journal content, but very soon we will also have the opportunity to fall in love with Project Muse all over again – this time with eBooks!  Earlier this year Project Muse announced it would be adding an eBook component to its database. Expected to launch in early 2012, the eBook content is projected to exceed 12,000 unique eBook titles, all searchable simultaneously within the existing journal content.

Project Muse  has a beta site, currently containing 300 scholarly eBooks, available now at: http://beta.muse.jhu.edu/

Look for an announcement in 2012 regarding access to Project Muse eBook collections via Ohrstrom Library.

If you have questions about accessing Ohrstrom Library’s eBook or digital journal collections, please contact Ms. Sanborn (lsanborn at sps dot edu).

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