Lea & Penrose


Shown in this photograph are Langdon Lea and Charles Williams Penrose, both from the Form of 1892.  In the background is the Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul (New Chapel), the Big Study, and the Big Study Annex. According to the Record for the 1890-91 school year both Lea and Penrose were Fourth Formers from Philadelphia, and resided in the School building.  Active in sports, Lea was a Delphian first eleven football player and a Halcyon first crew in the number three position.  He is listed as being seventeen years old, six feet and a quarter inch tall, and weighing in at 170 pounds.  Penrose rowed for the Shattuck first crew, also in the number three position, and is listed as being eighteen years old, six feet and one half inch tall, and one hundred sixty-six pounds.  Halcyon finished ahead of the Shattucks that season winning twelve out of nineteen races.

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