Bishop John Barrett Kerfoot


Bishop John Barrett Kerfoot was the president of St. James’ College in Hagerstown, MD, at its founding in 1842.  He later went on to become the first bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA.

The Spring 1924 edition of the Alumni Horae (pg. 26) provides some insight into the relationship that Bishop Kerfoot had with St. Paul’s School:

“St. James’ College, situated near Hagerstown, was in many ways the model for the New Hampshire School. It must be recalled that our honored Founder, Dr. Shattuck, had married Miss Brune of Baltimore and that this couple were closely identified with those devout churchmen who were then at St. James’ College, Bishop Kerfoot, the President, Dr. Hall Harrison, Dr. Joseph Coit and others. Dr. Henry Coit had taught there before St. Paul’s was founded. Consequently when the College was broken up by the Civil War there was a sort of migration to Concord; Joseph Coit and Hall Harrison joining Dr. Henry Coit there in 1864 and bringing with them some of the boys from the grammar school department.”

The Reverend Abel Anderson Kerfoot, John Barrett’s son, was a member of the faculty at St. Paul’s school from 1862-1863.

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