Rev. Lorin Webster


Lorin Webster attended St. Paul’s School from 1870 to 1876 and is a member of the Form of 1875.

His obituary, published in the Winter 1923 issue of the Alumni Horae (pg. 34), provides this information about Webster:

Lorin Webster will be remembered by the men of his day at St. Paul’s as an upright, manly boy, of strong physique, who studied well and was a good gymnast and oar, rowing on the first crew, Shattuck.

After graduating from Trinity College and being ordained to the ministry, he became an assistant Master at Holderness School and later Rector of the church at Ashland, N. H.; from which place he was called to be Rector of Holderness School. For thirty years he held this position, untiring in energy and ever alive to the best interest of the School, until he resigned to go to China.

He was serving as Professor of English at the College of the Rockefeller Foundation, in Peking, China, at the time of his death in 1923.

Webster’s name is recorded on one of the panels in the Chantry listing Alumni clergy of St. Paul’s School.

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