Francis Hobart Herrick


Francis Hobart Herrick attended St. Paul’s School from 1871 to 1878 and is a member of the Form of 1877.

Herrick was an author, ornithologist and biology professor.  He wrote books on bird life, the American eagle, the American lobster, and a well-respected biography of John James Audubon.

The New England Aquarium website has this information about Herrick:

Francis Hobart Herrick, professor of biology in the Adelbert College of Western Reserve University (now Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio), was asked in 1889 by the United States Commissioner of Fisheries to prepare a complete work on the general biology of the American Lobster. For five years Herrick researched lobsters along the coasts of Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire from the United States Fish Commission laboratory at Woods Hole, Massachusetts. The culmination of his work was entitled The American Lobster: A study of its habits and development which he published in volume 15 of the Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission for 1895. This comprehensive study includes over 100 detailed and very accurate drawings of Homarus americanus.

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