Henry Daniel Boas


Henry Daniel Boas attended St. Paul’s School from 1867 to 1870 and is a member of the Form of 1872.

According to Arthur Stanwood Pier’s St. Paul’s School 1855-1934 (pg. 92):

In the spring of 1870 two of the boys, James H. Hill and Harry [Henry] D. Boas, built a small sailboat, light enough to be easily carried across the road that separated the upper pond from the lower pond.  The whole school made the launching an occasion of ceremony.  The boat was carried in a procession of the school to the bank of the pond;

Pier goes on the describe how speeches were made, poems were read, and a flag adorned the boat. Additionally:

… finally, the two year old daughter of the rector, with some assistance, broke a bottle against the stern and christened the boat, which was then “committed to the embrace of the waves.”

Henry Daniel Boas

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