A.I. Research

By - Research & Instruction Librarian September 22nd, 2015

Dear A.I. Class,


So great to meet with you!


As mentioned in class & as available in the A.I. research guide, 2 new eCollections are available for A.I. Research: IEEE Xplore and the ACM Digital Library.


Reseach questions, comments, conundrums?  Please be in touch!  Ms. Sanborn (lsanborn at sps dot edu)




IEEE Xplore

What is it?

IEEE is the acronym for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

IEEE Xplore is an eCollection of engineering and technology journals, conference proceedings, magazines and eBooks, from and about engineering and technology.  Currently the eCollection contains over 3 million items.

According to the IEEE Xplore subscription paperwork, “More than 30% of all technology literature can be found in the IEEE Xplore digital library.”

IEEE. Welcome to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. New York: IEEE, 2014. Print.

IEEE Xplore has created a page of tutorial videos and PDF tip sheets.



ACM Digital Library

What is it?

ACM is the acronym for the Association for Computing Machinery.

ACM Digital Library is an eCollection of published journals, conference proceedings, newsletters, magazines and eBooks from and about Computing Machinery.  An overview of the eCollection holdings is available here.

ACM. “ACM Digital Library: Advanced Search Page.” ACM Digital Library. ACM,
Web. 4 Dec. 2014. <http://dl.acm.org/>.

New Research Guide: Artificial Intelligence

By - Research & Instruction Librarian September 22nd, 2011

A new Artificial Intelligence research guide is available for those working on the Artificial Intelligence research project.  Use this guide to identify useful eReference sources, recommended library catalog searches, newspaper, magazine and journal articles, as well as online sources.

Please feel free to contact Ms. Sanborn (lsanborn at sps dot edu) for a research consultation and/or to discuss any of the items in this guide.




New Reference Book: Springer Handbook of Robotics

By - Research & Instruction Librarian April 27th, 2010

Springer Handbook of Robotics edited by Bruno Siciliano and Oussama Khatib, Springer, 2008.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 629.892 Si1S

A scientific guide to the principles and methods of designing and controlling robots.  This ‘handbook’ is more like an encyclopedia,  serving as a comprehensive guide to the fascinating field of robotics.

Read about:
•    Robot Structures
•    Sensing and Perception
•    Mobile and Distributed Robotics
•    Field and Service Robotics
•    Human-centered and Life-Like Robotics

Helpful for:  Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Robotics Tournament, Science, Engineering, Programming

Library Research at ASP

By - Systems Librarian June 29th, 2009

Lura Sanborn – Reference Librarian

Ohrstrom Library staff have put together research guides for several of the courses offered through ASP.  Two guides are recently updated and reformatted, and can now be accessed through the sidebar links in the Ohrstrom Blog (on the left in the blue column, below the “Categories” links under the “Research Guides” heading). Check back for more updated guides.

These guides have been created to showcase library materials relevant to the Artificial Intelligence and Biomedical Ethics ASP research projects.  Click on the screenshots below to access the guides, or find the links in the blog sidebar under the “Research Guides” heading. Each guide has also been converted to PDF format so they can be easily printed or downloaded for off-line access.  The PDF links are located at the bottom of each guide.

Artificial Intelligence Research Guide

Biomedical Ethics Research Guide

FIRST Robotics “Lunacy” at SPS

By - Systems Librarian January 6th, 2009

Lisa Laughy -Archives Assistant

The New Year brings a new first for some SPS students: FIRST Robotics.  This will be the fifth year that the SPS team will compete in the Granite State Regional division of the national FIRST Robotics competition.  Last year’s team finished 3rd out of 48 individual teams, and took second place in the three-team alliance portion of the competition (read a full article about last year’s competition on the SPS website HERE).

Team leader Terry Wardrop has this to say about the competition:

“The St. Paul’s School Metal Vidsters FIRST Robotics team has just started the 2009 competition.  This year it is called Lunacy and involves creating a robot to solve a problem in an environment approximating that of the moon.  They have done this by creating a low-friction playing surface – we need to create a robot that can shoot a mini-basketball at a moving target while driving on a surface that is as slippery as ice!”

This year’s competition brings a new set of challenges for the team.  Each competing team receives a kit of parts and rules to the game their robot will compete in.  It’s up to the individual teams to design the most efficient robot to succeed in the game arena.  Take a look at this nifty clay animation video of the game rules for the 2009 competition:

Ohrstrom Library has a strong collection of books on robotics, including FIRST Robots: Rack ‘n Roll (629.892 W64).  This book features profiles of 30 award-winning robot designs from the 2007 FIRST Robotics competition, and is itself a tribute to great design with a hidden magnetic closure and a mirror-like metallic finish on the page edges.  Other books on robotics can be found on the shelf in the upper stacks, reference, and the DVD collection at 629.892.

Best of luck to the SPS Robotics team over the next few weeks as they build their robot for the upcoming competition.