March 13, 1928

By - Systems Librarian January 9th, 2012

Boundary issues:

The School was electrified to hear the announcement made in study the other day that henceforward all boys floating down the sluice on cakes of ice were out of bounds.

December 16, 1930

By - Systems Librarian December 5th, 2011

A visit from a mysterious beast:

On the sixth of December, the peculiar animal first seen at St. Paul’s in 1888, forty-two years ago, appeared again on the ice in Library Pond. . . Mr. Wiggins, it will be remembered, has already immortalized the animal by carving it on his 1888 shield in the Upper School.

November 29, 1934

By - Systems Librarian November 7th, 2011

On campfire etiquette:

Despite threatening and at times actual rain, the Middle held its annual Campfire on Saturday night, November 10.  As is customary on these outings, which have been held for over twenty years, everyone concerned had a good time save the food, which was savagely attacked.

October 17, 1901

By - Systems Librarian October 17th, 2011

Warm news:

The water supplying the shower baths at the Lower Grounds was warmed for the first time on Monday, September 30.

June 6, 1928

By - Systems Librarian September 26th, 2011

Shy swans and daring ducks:

Owing to an aversion to publicity, the new swans have not ventured away from the extreme upper recesses of the School Pond.  The ducks, on the other hand, have been so hungry that they have swallowed their pride (which must have relieved them considerably), and spend much of their time waddling around on the shore at the Lower School end of the Pond.

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