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    Hockey players on Lower School Pond, 1916

    A photo of SPS hockey players on Lower School Pond - a game against Exeter that took place in February of 1916, won by SPS 10-3. #ohrstromlibrary #ohrstromlibrarydigitalarchives #throwback #throwbackthursday #tbt #hockey #icehockey #pondhockey #blackice #1916 #spshistory #iamsps

  • Nugalia

    November 30, 1882

    Chocolate on Ice: The Missionary Society decided to sell hot chocolate on the ice as soon as the skating began, and it undoubtedly will be most welcome to the skaters.

  • Nugalia

    13 March, 1926

    Slip slidin’ away: The side-walks this winter have excited much comment . . .to say that they have been dangerous would be to pass the matter over lightly, and to try and describe the sad experiences of some of our unwarned guests would be getting a little personal. . . However, Nature has come to avenge us, and just as we have been slipping for weeks, now in his turn Old Winter himself is fast slipping away.

  • Nugalia

    5th of April, 1920

    Frozen feet: The ice in the School Pond this year has averaged about thirty-six inches thick.  Under the S. P. S. rink, which is kept clear of snow, it must have been close to the record thickness of forty-six inches.

  • Nugalia

    March 13, 1928

    Boundary issues: The School was electrified to hear the announcement made in study the other day that henceforward all boys floating down the sluice on cakes of ice were out of bounds.