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    New Reference Book: Encyclopedia of the Historical Jesus

    Encyclopedia of the Historical Jesus edited by Craig A. Evans, Routledge, 2008. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 232.9 Ev1H A reference volume dissecting the life and world of Jesus.  Particular focus is given to the teaching of Jesus, the titles of Jesus, and important events and people in the life of Jesus. A sampling of included articles: Baptism of Jesus, Curses and Woe, Death and Burial of Jesus, Family, Love, and Mary, mother of Jesus. Helpful for: Humanities V, Humanities IV, Humanities III, Religious Studies, Jewish Studies

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    Reference Book Spotlight: Encyclopaedia Judaica

    Lura Sanborn – Reference Librarian Encyclopaedia Judaica edited by Fred Skolnik, Thomson Gale, 2nd ed., 2007. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 296 Sk5 This revered set, first published in 1972, was recently updated and released in its second edition.  Considered the standard reference material for Jewish history, culture and life, this new edition features updates to 11,000 entries as well as an additional 2,600 new entries. A sampling of entries from its 22 volumes:  Yom Kippur War, Copper Serpent, Holiness Code, Talmud – Musical Rendition, and Passover – Origin. The original 1972 edition is still available, housed in the Faculty Lounge Library.  Its English-language predecessor, Jewish Encyclopedia, (1906) is…