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    Going to Concord

    A group of St. Paul's School student prepare to take a trip to Concord via horse-drawn sleigh in this photograph from 1890. The building in the background is the Rectory. #ohrstromlibrary #ohrstromlibrarydigitalarchives #1890 #throwback #throwbackthursday #rectory #horses #sleigh #sleighride #concordnh #horsedrawnsleigh #spshistory #iamsps

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    In Celebration of Cricket eBook Now Available

    A new eBook is available from the St. Paul’s School Archives eBook collection: In Celebration of Cricket: From School Sport to Celebrated Tradition is available in ePub format for download and viewing on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices with iBooks installed.  It has been designed specifically for viewing in iBooks, but can also be read with a more basic layout on any eBook reader that supports the ePub file format. You can download this new eBook by clicking HERE. This eBook presentation is a companion to the archives online exhibit of the same name viewable HERE.  It contains photographs from the St. Paul’s School archives collection and includes…