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    Going to Concord

    A group of St. Paul's School student prepare to take a trip to Concord via horse-drawn sleigh in this photograph from 1890. The building in the background is the Rectory. #ohrstromlibrary #ohrstromlibrarydigitalarchives #1890 #throwback #throwbackthursday #rectory #horses #sleigh #sleighride #concordnh #horsedrawnsleigh #spshistory #iamsps

  • Nugalia

    April 5, 1920

    Winter wonderland: One of the most familiar sights of the winter has been the big, four-horse sleigh which has transported the children of the neighborhood to school in Concord…Those whose memories go back to the dark ages of St. Paul’s will be interested to know that the sleigh in question is the famous old “Daniel Webster,” which was used for the Washington’s Birthday expeditions to Canterbury.

  • Nugalia

    December 18, 1890

    Ice follies: On December 8th some of the workmen tried to clear the snow off the lower pond by means of two horses attached to the big snow plough, but they found the ice underneath so bad, that they were obliged to give it up.