Facebook Interest Lists: Important Changes in How to View Pages

By - Systems Librarian October 18th, 2012

If you are a typical Facebook user, you have probably “Liked” a good number of Facebook pages – including the Ohrstrom Library and the Ohrstrom Library Digital Arcitves pages.  It used to be that liking a page automatically meant that the page’s content would show up in your News feed, but that is no longer the case. You must opt in to have the content show up on your Home news feed, by clicking “Like” and then “Show in News Feed”.  Now Facebook has an additional feature, called Interest Lists, that allows you to create custom lists of pages, friends, and other Facebook content, so you can be sure not to miss your favorite Facebook content.

Below are the steps to creating your first Interest List – think about setting up several lists along different themes of content to create custom feeds of your Facebook content.


1. Go to any Facebook page and click on the down arrow next to the gear – located in the page header on the far right of the page:

2. Click “Add to Interest Lists” – this will let you create a new list or select an existing one once it is created:

3. Click on “New Lists” – I previously created a list called “Favorite Pages” – so once your list is created you can also use this step to add a new page to an existing list:

4. Since we started at the Ohrstrom Library page, it is already selected for the list.  Click “Pages” to add other pages to the list.  You can also add friends, and preselected themed content from the list on the left.  When you have added all the pages you want, click the “Next” button in the bottom right corner:

5. Name your list – choose visibility of your list – see all pages chosen for the list – finish the list:

6. Go to your Home page and look at the bottom of the left-hand column, under “Interests” – your new list shows up here:

7.  If you click on that list you will see the feed from only those pages on the list.  Create a list for different interests, types of information or themes, and you will never miss a feed from your favorite pages.

Now go try this out for yourself, and be sure to add the Ohrstrom Library page and the Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives page to your favorite Interest List!


Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives now on Facebook

By - Systems Librarian September 13th, 2012

Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives now has a page on Facebook.  You can keep up with what is new with the OLDA website, see photographs from the history of St. Paul’s School, get a regular dose of doggerel from Nugalia, among other interesting things.  Click through the link HERE and “like” the Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives Facebook page now, and invite all your SPS friends to do the same!

Welcome Back to Your Library

By - Systems Librarian September 7th, 2012

Welcome to students just beginning their St. Paul’s School experience, and welcome back to those of you with familiar faces.  We look forward to greeting all new faculty and staff as well. The crisp excitement of the new school year is in the air, eagerly blowing across Lower School Pond and up the steps of Ohrstrom Library.  There will be much that is reassuringly familiar when you come into the library, but you will also discover much that is refreshingly new.

New additions include:

  • Thousands of new eBook titles including 14,000 from Project Muse
  • Digitized National Geographic Archive 1888-1994
  • Five streaming BBC Shakespeare plays from Ambrose Video
  • A collection of Global Newspapers, updated daily
  • New book return built into the exterior of Ohrstrom Library’s entryway for convenient after-hours access
  • Enlarged study hall capacity and new group study space created in the reconfigured Bound Periodicals Room
  • Expanded international film holdings and the continued conversion of the VHS collection to DVD format
  • New Facebook page for the Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives
  • Newly cleaned and restored oil painting of John G. Winant now on permanent display in St. Paul’s School Archives

Unchanged is the commitment of the Ohrstrom Library staff to providing the best academic resources possible to St. Paul’s School students, faculty and staff.  Welcome back to your library. – Kevin Barry, Library Director.

Photo courtesy of Bob Rettew ’69

Ohrstrom Library on Facebook: Your New BFF!

By - Systems Librarian November 2nd, 2009

Lisa Laughy – Library Web Sevices

Ohrstrom Library has a page on Facebook and you are invited to become a fan!

The Ohrstrom Library Facebook Page has been set up for a few months now and the number of fans is growing every day.  If you spend time on Facebook, becoming a fan of the Ohrstrom Library page is a great way to stay in touch with library-related news and information.  Links are added to new Ohrstrom Blog posts as soon as they become available.  New links added to Ohrstrom Library’s Delicious account are posted as well.  When you become a fan of Ohrstrom Library you will receive updated notices of these postings on your account’s Home page News / Live Feed.  You will then be able to keep track of all of the great new reference books, reliable online resources, and the latest news from Ohrstrom Library.  It is an effortless way to stay connected while networking on Facebook.

To become a fan of Ohrstrom Library, log into your Facebook account and type “Ohrstrom Library” into the search box.  Look for the familiar Ohrstrom logo under the “Pages” heading.  Or – click the link located further down in the Ohrstrom Blog sidebar where it says “Ohrstrom Library on Facebook”.  Once you are a fan, invite your friends to join too!

Ohrstrom Library 2.0: Join Our New Facebook Group!

By - Systems Librarian November 14th, 2008

Lisa Laughy -Archives Assistant

Ohrstrom Library now has a group on Facebook called, surprisingly enough, The Ohrstrom Library Group!  If you are a St. Paul’s Student, Faculty or Staff member and have a Facebook account you are cordially invited to join the group by clicking HERE and then following the links to join.  The Ohrstrom Library Group is a place to discuss ideas and thoughts about your library experience, ask questions about library use, and share information among other group members.  If you already use Facebook as your social networking source, why not contribute your views and ideas to the Ohrstrom Library Group to help make Ohrstrom an even better resource for the St. Paul’s community?  Join today and get the discussion under way!