Ohrstrom Library on Facebook: Your New BFF!

By - Systems Librarian November 2nd, 2009

Lisa Laughy – Library Web Sevices

Ohrstrom Library has a page on Facebook and you are invited to become a fan!

The Ohrstrom Library Facebook Page has been set up for a few months now and the number of fans is growing every day.  If you spend time on Facebook, becoming a fan of the Ohrstrom Library page is a great way to stay in touch with library-related news and information.  Links are added to new Ohrstrom Blog posts as soon as they become available.  New links added to Ohrstrom Library’s Delicious account are posted as well.  When you become a fan of Ohrstrom Library you will receive updated notices of these postings on your account’s Home page News / Live Feed.  You will then be able to keep track of all of the great new reference books, reliable online resources, and the latest news from Ohrstrom Library.  It is an effortless way to stay connected while networking on Facebook.

To become a fan of Ohrstrom Library, log into your Facebook account and type “Ohrstrom Library” into the search box.  Look for the familiar Ohrstrom logo under the “Pages” heading.  Or – click the link located further down in the Ohrstrom Blog sidebar where it says “Ohrstrom Library on Facebook”.  Once you are a fan, invite your friends to join too!

Primary Source Round-up: Something for Everyone

By - Research & Instruction Librarian May 8th, 2009

Lura Sanborn – Reference Librarian

Gathering primary sources for your Fifth Form paper?  Ohrstrom Library offers the following sources and suggestions:

Online Databases:
These databases, available through the Library’s website, are those most commonly used by Fifth Formers looking for primary source periodical material.

  • London Times – Provides the full-text of this newspaper from 1785-1985.
  • Historical Newspaper Collection – Provides the full-text of 6 major U.S. newspapers from 1851 through the early 2000s.
  • JSTOR – features a collection of 750+ journals, most dating from at least the 1800s forward.  (Note, be sure to watch the date.  A recent article on your topic represents current research, not a likely primary source.)

Books – More Primary Source Potential:
You can locate primary sources published in book form by using the following terms as subject searches in the Library’s Online Catalog.  Or, conduct a keyword search using one term below combined with your topic (i.e. Correspondence, Darwin; or Sources, Inquisition).

  • Correspondence
  • Diaries
  • Interviews
  • Personal narratives
  • Speeches
  • Sources

Frequently, primary sources are embedded within books considered secondary sources.  For example, a book about the Cold War may contain the text of a relevant speech, letter and/or legal document.

Venturing Online – Visit the Library @ Delicious:
The Library has begun collecting high quality websites in its own Delicious account.  Click on the “Primary Sources” tag to generate a list of websites housing exceptional collections of primary sources.  Top picks are also listed in the Fifth Form paper research guide.

Google Advanced Search Techniques:
As a final online tip, try searching your subject in Google, but first, limit the domain to .edu and add the word archives to your search string.  If a University or College library has digitized a special collection in your area of research, this search could help you find it.

Selected Websites: They’re “Delicious” and Good For You Too!

By - Systems Librarian April 7th, 2009

Ohrstrom Library is now collecting links to high-quality web sites and storing them in our own Delicious account. For those of you unfamiliar with Delicious, it is the leading social bookmarking website where users store, share and discover bookmarked websites.  The links stored in the “OhrstromLibrary” Delicious account are selected based on quality, stability, relevance to SPS curriculum, authority and currency of information.

Students will find this collection of links very useful when pursuing a wide range of research projects.  Working on your Humanities V paper topic?  Click on the “Humanities5” tag and see all the links helpful for starting your research.  Looking for those seemingly elusive primary sources?  Now you can click a tag and have access to a number of great websites chock full of primary sources.  Library staff have pre-selected only the best online sites, and organized them in a way that makes them immediately useful for students. “Tagging” organizes the links into useful subgroups, allowing easy access to web resources without a lot of browsing.  New links are being added all the time, so the collection, while selective, will continue to grow.

For quick access to the latest links, a page has been added to the Ohrstrom Blog sidebar to the left.  Look for the “Selected Websites” link under the Research Guides heading.