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    Open Library: Lending Library

    Ohrstrom Library is a member of the Open Library: Lending Library program. What is it? A collection currently containing about 200,000 eBooks. Collection contents:  A wide amalgamation of out-of-copyright, in-copyright, fiction, non-fiction and children’s stories. Where is it?  http://openlibrary.org/borrow Key Features: Create an account (free) to download books. 5 books may be downloaded per user, at any one time. eBooks are viewable in-browser, as ePubs or as PDFs. eBooks are borrowable for up to 2 weeks. One book, one user.  So, if somebody in California has the book checked out, nobody else can. A how-it-works from the In-Library Lending program.

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    New Reference Book: The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs

    The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs  compiled by Charles Clay Doyle, Wolfgang Mider, and Fred R. Shapiro, Yale University Press, 2012. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 398 D77D A volume of collected proverbs that originated in English 1900 to the present.  Proverbs are typically accompanied by origin, use examples and citations back to early usage. Examples of proverbs: Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Just do it. A liberal is a conservative who has been arrested. Nothing ain’t worth nothing, but it’s free. Sisters before misters. Helpful for: History, Humanities, Popular Culture, Creative Writing

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    New Reference Book: The Thirties in America

    The Thirties in America edited by Thomas Tandy Lewis, Salem Press, 2011. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 973.92 SA3 1930 Almost 700 essays span this 3-volume set.  Essays focus on important people, ideas, and innovations of the 1930s.  Volume three also contains several lists pertinent to the 1930s including: Major films, Academy Awards, Broadway plays, TV Shows, Legislation, and Best-Selling Books.  Following this selection of  lists is a year-by-year breakdown of key events that occurred during this decade. Read about: Bingo, Charles Chaplin, King Kong, Sports in the United States, Works Progress Administration Helpful for research and fun for browsing! Access the online version of this Reference set  (and…

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    New Reference Book: Trials of the Century

    Trials of the Century: An Encyclopedia of Popular Culture and the Law by Scott P. Johnson, ABC-CLIO, 2011. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 345.73 J637T A 2-volume set presenting U.S. trials that have captured the public throughout the last 500 years. Entry Examples: Lincoln Conspiracy Trial Haymarket Riot Trial Al Copone Trial The Hollywood Ten Trials The Ruby Ridge Trial Helpful for: Political Studies, Legal Studies, Popular Culture, Humanities, U.S. History, Gender Studies

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    New Reference Book: Encyclopedia of the Vampire

    Encyclopedia of the Vampire edited by S. T. Joshi, Greenwood, 2011. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 809.9 J78V Presents the vampire within the context of literary works, religion, folklore, film and television, and people. Entry Examples: “Angel” Children’s Vampire Fiction Countess Dracula Love at First Bite Scholarship on Vampires Helpful for: Literature, Media Studies, Popular Culture, Religious Studies, Humanities, Folklore