From the Archives: eBooks on OLDA

For those of you with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with iBooks installed, you have the option to download specially designed eBooks based on OLDA online exhibits. These eBooks are formatted and designed to be viewed using the iBooks reader, available free through the Apple App Store, but can also be read using any eBook reader that is compatible with the ePub file format.

OLDA eBooks are available for the following exhibits:

Access the links above while on your iBooks activated device and click the “Open in iBooks” button that appears. This will automatically load your eBook onto your iBook bookshelf. You will then be able to access your OLDA eBook any time and anywhere you go, allowing you to read about the history of St. Paul’s School in these brief presentations, richly illustrated with photographs from the St. Paul’s School archives collection.

Technical questions? Use the contact form located HERE.

Access OLDA eBooks using the links above or on the permanent page located HERE.

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