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    Mysterious Stranger

    Who is this mysterious stranger spotted lurking in the archives? You will need to wait until Anniversary Weekend to find out! #ohrstromlibrary #ohrstromlibrarydigitalarchives #iamsps #stranger #archives #anniversaryweekend #isthmian #baseball #oldschool

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    Summer of Construction

    Ohrstrom Library has had a very busy summer! While you were away, the building was renovated on all three floors as well as to the exterior. Here is a list of changes and improvements made: A new access ramp has been constructed at the front entrance The main stairwell has been completely redesigned and a glass doorway has been added on the lower level The Baker Reading Room will have new furniture installed by the beginning of October Glass doors have been added to the Pillsbury and Reference room entrances on the main level and the Fine Arts Room and Shakespeare Room on the upper level The open spaces between…

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    Presidential Libraries

    Is your Hum. 4 paper researching an important moment, decision, personality related to a particular U.S. President? In the U.S., many past Presidents each have a presidential library devoted to collecting, curating and making accessible content created both by, during and for that particular President’s tenure. Many of these Presidential Libraries have been digitizing this content. This content (primary sources!) can be incredibly helpful especially when paired with the body of scholarly literature (available using SPS Library eCollections) on the topic. To determine if there is a Presidential Library devoted to your President, consult this page from the National Archives (http://www.archives.gov/presidential-libraries/visit/), in particular the “Visit Libraries Online” section over to…

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    Fresh Content: Times {of London} Digital Archive

    The SPS Library has, for several years, purchased access to the Times {of London} digital archive. Over the March Break, an additional 20 years of content was added to the archive, now offering newspaper articles from 1785-2007 (over 3.4 million newspaper articles). Additionally, the interface was upgraded.  This sleeker interface also allows for cross-searching the Library’s other UK newspaper archive, the Illustrated London News.    

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    Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives now on Facebook

    Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives now has a page on Facebook.  You can keep up with what is new with the OLDA website, see photographs from the history of St. Paul’s School, get a regular dose of doggerel from Nugalia, among other interesting things.  Click through the link HERE and “like” the Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives Facebook page now, and invite all your SPS friends to do the same!