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WWI Elective

McMaster_ World_War_1914-1918_collection_Box 20_Folder 420_00116
Peace Conference at Versailles. 1919. McMaster University Library, Ontario. First World War, Adam Matthew. Web. 10 Nov. 2014 <>.


Looking for content to support the Treaty of Versailles cosplay?

A few recommendations, first, some eCollections purchased by the library:

Free on the web:

  •  This German-based (with 50 international contributors) WWI database just launched last month (it got some good reviews in the library media):
  • Europe’s digital library (digitized content from Europe’s libraries, museums and archives) :
  • Includes a WWI specific portal this past Spring (includes contributed content from DPLA, below):
  • Digital Public Library of American (digitized content from U.S libraries, museums and archives) :

Questions?  Comments?  Please be in touch!  🙂  Ms. Sanborn


Homepage. Europeana: 1914-1918. 2014. Web. 10 Nov. 2014.

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