Observatory: Telescope


Residing within the 1930 observatory was a 5-inch refracting telescope built in 1893 by Alvan Clark & Sons, the preeminent American telescope manufacturer of the late 19th century.

The October 22, 1930 edition of the Horae Scholasticae includes this information about the Observatory:

The telescope and attendant apparati are in every way perfectly equipped.  The lens is a five-inch refracting glass made by Alvan Clark & Sons of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  It was formerly the property of Mr. Isham.  It is mounted on a six-foot cylinder which has four eye-pieces attached to its lower end.  The light gathering power of the aperture as compared with the human eye is approximately 625 times as great.  The lowest power eye-piece magnifies 48 times, the highest 300 times.

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