Dr. George Cheyne Shattuck, Jr., Founder: 1855


Dr. George Cheyne Shattuck, Jr. was born in Boston on July 22, 1813, and attended Round Hill School, Harvard College, and Harvard Medical School. In 1840 he began the practice of medicine in Boston and later became a professor and dean of Harvard Medical School. The impressions he formed while at Round Hill School inspired him and were influential in his decision to found St. Paul’s School in 1855.

Dr. Shattuck believed that while the intellect can be trained and the mind furnished at a day school,

. . . physical and moral culture can best be carried on where students live with and are constantly under the supervision of the teachers, and in the country….Green fields and trees, streams and ponds, beautiful scenery, flowers and minerals are educators. The things which are seen are very valuable, and may be used to teach of Him who made them, and thus of the things unseen.

Dr. Shattuck was a Trustee of the School from 1855 until his death in 1893.

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