The Lower Grounds


Cricket was initially played on a field located behind the original school and Lower School pond, an area that today is partially occupied by  Ohrstrom Library.  Players became dissatisfied with this location because the small size of the field meant that the cricket ball was constantly being driven into the pond.   They even kept a boat handy at the water’s edge for the purpose of retrieving the ball. Student and cricket player, Richard Henry Dana, Jr., Form of 1870, was instrumental in convincing Henry Coit that a better playing field for cricket could be laid out in the fields of Belknap farm, known as the Red Barn today. In the summer of 1868 these fields were converted into playing fields, including an area specifically for cricket, and was named the Lower Grounds.

This image is number 9 in a series of stereoscopic views produced by Kimball Studios, and features a photograph of cricket being played on the Lower Grounds.

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Kimball, Willis G. C.;  Kimball Studio. "The Lower Grounds." St. Paul's School. Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives. Web. 27 Jan. 2021.