Mr. Dole


A Kodak No. 2 type photograph taken in 1890 by Theodore Mitchell Hastings, Form of 1894, while a student at St. Paul’s School.

Shown in this photograph is Lester Carrington Dole, faculty member from 1878-1918. In the background a group of students is gathered in front of the Big Study.

Arthur Stanwood Pier, in his book, St. Paul’s School 1855-1934, described Mr. Dole this way:

Lester C. Dole, instructor in gymnastics, was one of the most hard-working and conscientious men in the school.  Besides having entire charge of the Gymnasium, he assisted in the coaching of the younger boys in cricket and football; gave boxing lessons and fencing lessons; took boys out gunning in the autumn and managed the Thanksgiving shoot; coached all the crews, both on the rowing weights in the Gymnasium and in the boats on Long Pond; and many duties as boundsmaster; supervised much of the swimming at the old swimming hole. . . He was a great favorite with all the boys, because of the eager and merry disposition that he showed in the exercise of his duties. . . .Unfailing cheerfulness and complete unselfishness were his most conspicuous traits; they made him beloved by the successive generations of boys throughout his long term of service at St. Paul’s.

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Hastings, Theodore Mitchell. 1890. "Mr. Dole." St. Paul's School. Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives. Web. 5 July 2020.