A group


This photograph features a group of people walking along a path or roadway.  The young woman on the right is identified at “Miss Hastings” and is most likely one of the photographer’s older sisters: Florence or Mabel Hastings.  The young woman on the left is identified as “Miss Frazier”.  Other names written in the margin identify from left to right: “Fish” – Hamilton Fish, III, Form of 1890; “P. Frazier” – Persifor Frazer, Jr., Form of 1892; “Stillman” – Philip Tracy Stillman, Form of 1890; “Wheler” – unable to clearly identify; “Bartol” – Henry George Bartol, Form of 1894; “Illingsworth” – Clarence Illingworth, Form of 1890.

Hamilton Fish III, shown on the far left of the photograph, was a member of Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders after leaving St. Paul’s School, and was the first American soldier killed in action during the Spanish-American War in 1898.

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