Thomas Chew Lewis


Thomas Chew Lewis attended St. Paul’s School from 1865 to 1867 and is a member of the Form of 1867.

In Memorials of St. Paul’s School (pg. 123) by Joseph Howland Coit, and George Cheyne Shattuck, there is the following information about Lewis:

Mr. Thomas Chew Lewis, an alumnus and devoted friend of St. Paul’s, died in 1882, leaving to the school as a token of affectionate remembrance a bequest of five thousand dollars.  This sum was appropriated by the trustees to the purchase of the Goodwin property. The old house, repaired and enlarged, is used as the residence of a master, and in accordance with a vote of the corporation is called “the Lewis Cottage.”

The Lewis Cottage still stands on the corner of Rectory and Sawmill Roads and has continued to be used as faculty housing since 1882.

Based on the inscription this photograph was taken in 1881.

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