Student Group 1870s


A student group from the 1870s – primarily members of the Form of 1874 – identified on the back as:

First row (seated on the floor, left to right):

Edward Jonathan Amory, Form of 1874; Charles Lawrence Perkins, Form of 1874; William Henry Brune, Form of 1874.

Second row (seated in chairs, left to right):

James McCormick Lamberton, Form of 1874; Sydney George Fisher, Form of 1875;  Blakeslee Barnes, Form of 1874; George Rumsey Sheldon, Form of 1874; Henry Stuart Martindale, Form of 1875.

Third row (standing, left to right):

Lawrence Jacob, Form of 1874;  Frank Donaldson, Form of 1875; William Bayard Van Rensselaer, Form of 1874; Henry Grenville Parkin, Form of 1874, Francis George Curtis, Form of 1874;  Edward Clifford Perkins, Form of 1874;  David Stewart, Form of 1874; Wilmot Townsend Cox, Form of 1874; Robert Coleman Drayton, Form of 1874; Julian Wainwright Robbins, Form of 1874; Holbrook Fitz-John Porter, Form of 1874; George Halsey Perley, Form of 1874.



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"Student Group 1870s." St. Paul's School. Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives. Web. 13 July 2024.