Autumn of 1877


The first recorded cricket match at St. Paul’s School was played on July 4th, 1857. In 1859 organized cricket clubs were formed that later evolved into the Isthmian and Old Hundred Cricket Clubs represented in the photograph above.

This photograph features the Isthmian and Old Hundred Cricket Clubs of 1877 and represents one of the earlier photos of these clubs in the archives collection. This photo has the names of the team members written below the teams.

The Isthmian Cricket Club members listed are:

Thomas Shoenberger Blair, Jr., Form of 1880
William Stanley Emery, Form of 1876
The Rev. Thomas James Drumm, faculty member from 1874-1911
James Lawrence Hamilton, Form of 1878
William Crawford Sheldon, Form of 1878
John Bedford Shober, Form of 1878
Othinel DeForest, Form of 1878
Charles Bigelow Denny, Form of 1880
Charles Mifflin Hammond, Form of 1878
John Blacklock Gadsden, Form of 1878
Robert Patterson Perkins, Form of 1879

The Old Hundred Cricket Club members listed are:

George William Coale, Form of 1878
Frederick Howard Lee, Form of 1878
Daniel Murray Bohlen, Form of 1878
John Triplett Haxall, Form of 1878
Charles Denston Dickey, Form of 1878
Philip Phisick Peace, Form of 1879
James Carter Knox, Form of 1865, faculty member from 1868-1929
Joseph Gilmore Chandler, Form of 1878
Charles Edward Ingersoll, Form of 1879
Richard Alan Montgomery, Form of 1879
Hallett Dennis Wilcox, Form of 1877

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