White’s Park


This photograph was taken at White Park (also known locally as White’s Park) in Concord, NH. White Park is the oldest municipal park in New Hampshire, established in 1884, and is located approximately two miles from the center of the St. Paul’s School grounds.

The book, History of Concord, New Hampshire : from the original grant in seventeen hundred and twenty-five to the opening of the twentieth century, Volume II (pg. 560), published in 1903, describes the founding of White Park:

In 1884 Mrs. Armenia S. White conveyed by deed to the city “certain premises on the northerly side of Washington and Centre streets for a public park.” On the 27th of December of the same year the gift was accepted by ordinance, and the said premises were “established as a public park forever, to be known and called by the name of ‘White Park.'” . . . surveys and plans were entrusted to Charles Elliot of Boston, eminent in landscape gardening; the fine springs, which years ago, had been an important source of water supply for Concord, were carefully preserved, and the artificial pond constructed, upon which, before long, stately swans – the beautiful gift of Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy – were to glide with attractive grace.

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