Form Plaque: 1956


The first of two wood carvings created by Chalres Greenough (Chippy) Chase ’26 to document events occurring during the 6th Form year of the Form of 1956. Events illustrated on the plaque were described in the Autumn 1961 Alumni Horae (pg. 120): “The Century Plant denotes one hundred years of St. Paul’s School. The leaves at the bottom represent George Cheyne Shattuck, the Founder, and the Rectors: Henry A. Coit, Joseph H. Coit, Henry Ferguson, and Samuel S. Drury; while the upright leaves mark the presence of the three Rectors at the One Hundredth Anniversary: Norman Nash, Henry C. Kittredge, and Matthew M. Warren. The web is for Charles T. Webb, who retired that year after serving from Drury to Warren. Saintly Paul, a cartoon character created by Morgan D. Wheelock (1956), holds a hockey stick emblematic of our winning the Lawrenceville Hockey Tournament for the first time.”

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