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    Dear American Government class,

    Working on examples of partisan polarization in U.S. politics? In addition to the sources recommended last run of the class, the library has added a new eCollection: U.S. History in Context.   For example, here’s a search for “Political Polarization.”  One could of course also search for specific polarizing issues (income inequality), proposed solutions (compulsory voting) or related element (supermajority).   Need more statistics?  The library recently added Statistical Abstract of the United States to its fleet of digital collections.  Here’s their results page for U.S. election statistics.   Questions? Comments or conundrums? Do be in touch!  Ms. Sanborn     “Political Polarization results page.” U.S. History in Context. Gale Cengage. Web.…

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    Congressional Digest: New eCollection

    What is it? Congressional Digest was founded in 1921 by suffragette Alice Gram Robinson, with the aim of providing voters with impartial reporting on high-interest issues.  Each issue features an impartial overview on a contemporary topic with pro and con viewpoints written by members of the U.S. Congress.   The library’s digital subscription to Congressional Digest includes issues dating back to 1998 and also includes Supreme Court Debates and the archive of the (now ceased) International Debate reports.   “Recent Issues.” Congressional Digest. Web. 15 Feb. 2016.

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    Dear Hum. V,

    Researching an individual key to the Conference on the Atomic Bomb?  Looking for their historical perspective and persuasion regarding use of the Atomic Bomb?   Here is the Atomic Bomb Conference research guide, which aims to provide and suggest sources useful to researching the historical individuals involved in this decision.   Research questions?  Please be in touch!   From the Newspaper and Newsreel page of the guide: