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    June 6, 1928

    Shy swans and daring ducks: Owing to an aversion to publicity, the new swans have not ventured away from the extreme upper recesses of the School Pond.  The ducks, on the other hand, have been so hungry that they have swallowed their pride (which must have relieved them considerably), and spend much of their time waddling around on the shore at the Lower School end of the Pond.

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    From the Archives: The Cradle of American Hockey

    In celebration of Matthews Family Hockey Day on Saturday, January 8th, as well as the arrival of black ice and a beautiful outdoor hockey rink on Lower School Pond, Ohrstrom Library has on display in the Upper Level display cases an exhibit of historic photographs and materials from the SPS Archives entitled “St. Paul’s School : the Cradle of American Hockey.” In St. Paul’s : the Life of a New England School, August Heckscher writes this of hockey at SPS: At first it had been an informal scrimmage on the ice, gradually settling into a more organized contest with eleven men to a side, playing with a square piece of…

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    From the Archives: Hockey on Lower School Pond

    Lisa Laughy – Archives Assistant One of the benefits of colder temperatures is thicker ice on Lower School Pond.  Workers have carefully cleared the surface of the pond behind Ohrstrom Library and have set up nets and backboards for playing ice hockey.  St. Paul’s School has a long and honored relationship with the sport, especially considering that SPS is credited as being the birthplace of hockey in the United States.  Those first hockey games played in the early 1880s took place on the same pond as today, and that connection is maintained each winter when SPS students put skates to the ice on Lower School Pond. There are a great…